Hi, I'm Carmel-Anne, founder of Soulfully Guided. Utmost, I would like to thank you for visiting my website

I am loud, exteroverted, funny (mostly says me) and I founded Soulfully Guided with a dream to have a rewarding occupation that supported a lifestyle for my family while putting some good, kindness and love into the world. I have a wonderful introverted husband (so I know how to be quiet...er!) and two amazing children where I never cease to ponder on how I made such amazing humans.

Soulfully Guided was also established with the goal of helping people to gain great insight into their lives and to provide people with guidance, clarity, compassion and understanding. Soulfully Guided applies a spiritual exploration and analysis to delve into your yourself and your questions. I like to you feel you are in a comfortable and safe space where you will not be judged. I am inclusive of people from all walks of life who's intentions are genuine. At Soulfully Guided, I come from the highest light, ethics and regard for you. I am a Tarot Master and I offer readings with Oracle cards to really delve into the heart of your questions, themes and messages that come up in your reading.

The Devine World Awaits

I always strive to make you feel good about yourself and empower, enlighten and inspire you. Let's take a journey together on how to live your best and fullest life.

  • You give detailed, relevant and intuitive interpretations of the cards to create helpful readings. You create connections between the cards for comprehensive readings.  You show empathy & compassion towards your clients, and strive to leave them with a sense of hope and something to work toward and provide clear and constructive advice based on the cards drawn.  Carmel-Anne, I am thoroughly impressed by the effort you’ve put into your readings! Your application is eloquent, detailed and professional - you’ve done a fantastic job. Well done!
    Team Biddy
    Biddy Tarot


I like to touch the hearts of those that seek my services and reach the core of people’s questions with great detail.

Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

Tarot Readings by Carmel-Anne

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  • Carmel is the real deal. Very caring, talented, intuitive and patient lady. Her readings are spot on and definitely resonates for me. I'm thankful that our paths crossed and she helped me gain clarity for my situation. If you need some guidance and clarity for your life, she can help you. 🙂
  • I had a wonderful, in depth reading. It was delivered with so much care and love. It was really on the money, everything I am thinking and feeling. Thank you so much X
  • Carmel-anne was amazing ive never had a tarot reading done before and i must say i went away with so much information its like she knew me but she didnt i highly recommend anyone wanting a reading to go to carmel-anne she is amazingly gifted and was a pleasure to speak with thank you so much for the oppertunity you have definatly opened my mind
  • A lovely warm hearted generous lady. My reading with her was insiteful, thought provoking lol helpful and accurate. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I Highly recommend Soulfully Guided
  • Carmel-Anne of Soulfully Guided is honest and accurate, based on my experience. I won't go into the details of the tarot reading I got (because I want it to remain private). Let me just say the reading was in regards to my kitty cat. Carmel-Anne gave a good number of details, which seemed accurate. So was happy with reading.
  • Carmel-Anne is a wonderful caring woman who provides an intuitive experience. Her reading of the cards were very insightful and detailed. I would definitely recommend a reading with her it is a fantastic experience. Thank you once again.